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Winter Morning Reflections

- a personal reflection on "where we are standing and where we are heading to ...

The color of the trees outside my window remind me of the passing of time day by day. Each year during this season, which I call the ‘’transition time’’, if I watch my physical body and also my mind (as part of nature) closely, I know they are also in this flow.

Recently, as I finished my last class for this year, I started to settle my mind and heart, and slowly winding down for my ‘’winter retreat’’. This morning, after my morning sitting, I decided to make myself a warm tea and just sit by the window, and watch the rain. The landscape looked like a piece of live ink painting, especially with haze filling up the layers between the hills. While I was enjoying the peace, a subtle awareness arose - I was trying to enjoy the peace, however, not totally. Looking closely, I found that I was trying to look for peace through my sensors - watching the rain, hearing the birds and feeling the warmth from the tea in my hands… But but … this peace still feels somewhere there in the distance. Then I turned inside, and listened closely … ahh here it is - my breath, the serenity, and the awareness that are enjoying all these. “Now I’m not separated from the serenity. I AM serenity.”

Here are a few lines from the first page of a magazine (Positive Life) which I would like to share with you:

“What’s the actual, real truth? Is there one? You have your version of it, I have mine, everybody else has theirs. Is there a universal truth, and if we are making up reality as we go along, then what is true?
If it’s true for you, it’s True. Alignment feels true, doing something you love feels true, going with your gut feels true. Loving feels true. Let’s separate truth from information. In formation is just noise, that is then perceived and read by the perceiver through their own filters and life experience. Their resonance only allows in whatever information they match with.

... Don’t look for the truth here, or anywhere else outside of you. It’s in you - you’re it. Live your life from your centre. If it resonates, let it in. If not, let it go. Drop the resistance. Watch the noise fade and the unity emerge.”

-- Paul Congdon

Publisher (

May you take in what resonates with YOU from the words above; may this season take you back to the original, the inner being; may life situations you are going through be a reminder of mortality we are, and appreciate things we have, the body we are in, and the people we encountered with.

With love and joy,



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