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Ink Painting

Classes & Workshops

group workshops and private classes for ink painting 

The traditional Chinese ink painting, which ordinated in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), is a special art form in terms of style and concept.

Chinese Japanese ink painting sumie - Art of the Brush Yingge Xu - Daffodils.HEIC

A few strokes in a ink painting can generate rich meanings. You can start creating some simple flowers, plants, birds and fishes after learning the basic brush strokes and techniques.


During the practice, do remember to step outside your room into the real nature. ''A great artist is a great observer first''. Get to know the things you before or during your practice will give you a better understand their features and, if not more important, their live spirit which should be present in your art work.

The very well known ink painting topic is the Four Gentlemen: plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum.


Each of the Gentlemen is a symbol of great dignity and characters.


The practice of these four paintings is fundamentals of the ink painting basic techniques. Once you manage to paint them, you have passed the basic training.

ink painting sumie - landscape mountains - yingge xu art of the brush.JPG
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