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Class & Workshop

here you can find group workshop and private class for ink painting and calligraphy

Ink Painting is a way to connect your
Body (身), Mind(心), Soul(灵) and Spirit(神).


Drawing lines with a brush is a joyous visual and tactile experience. You can enjoy drawing lines on any skill level and continue to learn from ink painting and calligraphy masters from the past. Repetitious brush movements improve your relaxation and focus, which in turn nurture your inner parts.

I would like to work with you through this journey to find the deeper meaning of yourself through holding your brush and make brush marks on paper.

Basic brush strokes is the foundation of both ink painting and calligraphy. Play with different ink brushes and pressures would be a pleasant start to create the connection with your brush, and from there, you will find more secret on the way. Calligraphy is the writing version of ink painting, as the Chinese artist call it ''draw'' the words. A good practice of calligraphy will set you a solid foundation for your ink painting techniques and make your painting experience more enjoyable and relax.


Ink Painting Class


Ink Painting Classes introduce

various topics, including

birds and flowers, ''Four Gentlemen'' ink painting and landscape.


Calligraphy Class


Calligraphy Foundation Course and further calligraphy workshops.


One-to-One Class


Tailor your brush painting journey based on your personal needs. 

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