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Brush Calligraphy

Classes & Workshops

group workshops and private classes for Brush Strokes and East Asian Calligraphy

"Welcome to the wondrous world of brush calligraphy. This three-thousand-year-old art form, which originated in China has commonly been practiced in most parts of East Asia and appreciate throughout the world."


In following the predetermined stroke orders and re-creating masterworks, you begin to interpret and then create your own style and work. This gentle progression of creativity allows you to gradually expand your artistic process.

Studying East Asian calligraphy is a cross-cultural experience for those from parts of the world, as the formation of characters is unique and the creative process in calligraphy is quite different from that employed in any other form of art.


These classes and workshops offer you its history, techniques, aesthetics, and philosophy, with an in-depth practical guide to understanding and drawing ideographs. You may look at the images of ideographs selected from great classical masterpieces, see how these characters are drawn and pronounced, and learn what they signify. you may also take a brush and try to re-create characters from these examples.


Online Course

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