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Class & Workshop

I am delighted to bring you into the heart of this magnificent art form.

"Studying ink brush painting and calligraphy is one way to realize how much we have to learn from the wisdom, aesthetics, and depth of our ancestors. In this time of rapid technological advancement, in taking up the brush we become humble and feel privileged to be part of an ancient, creative civilization."

I am delighted to bring you into the heart of this magnificent art form. you may ask me, "How long have you been studying calligraphy?'' I answer, ''Eighteen ... hundred years.'' A good number of ink painting and calligraphy masters are in the lineage of this art form that has continued well over a millennium since its classical era.

Knowing an East Asian language could b of use in learning ink painting and calligraphy. But you can also view or learn it as an art form without it. Increasingly, you will get to feel and understand the wisdom and philosophy behind it. Let's start from somewhere ... maybe just a simple brush stroke.

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If you would like to know which class suits your personal background or if you have any questions in my private class, please book a  an appointment  and I can help you out.
It's FREE.

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Classes and workshops will tailored based on your painting backdrop and your interest.

  • I would like to walk with you through this journey and, finally, find your own style with practice.

  • We can start from its culture and art tools;

  • we can make a few brush strokes and feel your brush and enjoy the flow

  • we can study some ideographs from the great masters

  • we can pick a ink painting topic and get a close study of how each brush stroke can make sense with the great spirit and beauty ....

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