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" ME Through YOU" - interactive performance

- An experiment of personal presence and inner reflection through eye gazing

Date: Saturday, 25th September, 2021

Time: 14.30 - 17.00pm (Irish time)

Location: Aistear Park, Mountshannon, Co. Clare

Looking into the eyes of another being could be a doorway to draw the attention back into oneself. Inspired by the performance “The Artist is Present” by artist Marina Abramović, here, now, with a humble heart, we would like to hold this space, for things to happen, with their own force.

Sitting still, we both open up and hold space for each other. Through the silence, the connection and the presence, a direct, intense and real experience opens up between the two beings. One can sense their deep inner self through the reflection from the eyes of another human being. After all, there is no difference - we are all sharing the same needs, desires and sufferings that we all counter in this journey called ‘life’.

An oriental ink brush and a piece of blank paper will be displayed on the table in front of you. At the very end, it is your choice (invited by Yingge, the artist) to use ONE brush stroke to draw out your feeling/ what you have received or found through your experience. All the ink strokes will be demonstrated during this festival as a collaborative artwork.


How this works

1. The whole experience will be in silence;

2. Participant comes in and sit on the chair in front of the desk; close their eye and sit in silence for a few minutes;

3. (bell) when participant hear the bell, please take your time and open your eyes;

4. Eye gazing. Be yourself and keep breathing. Focus. What you see? feel? sense?;

5. Take your own time. Whenever you feel ready, you can pick up the brush in front of you and do your ‘’one stroke presence’’ brush flow, otherwise, you can choose to simply leave the seat quietly.

Anything I need to know

To create a space and field that will best support this experience, this event will be hosted in silence during the whole process. So why not take this opportunity as a retreat for yourself and get ready to listen to that inner voice?

We will have flyers about this event displayed on site, and our volunteers will be around to support, If you have any questions during the event. During the eye gazing, if you feel any unease, feel free to leave the seat. It’s okay. You can always join back again later.

Download Event Brochure

''Me Through you'' Mountshannon art festival ink painting sumo art of the brush yingge xu
Download • 6.92MB


Background of Oriental Brushwork

In East Asia, brush practice (ink painting/sumie & calligraphy) have always been closely related to mindful art practice and meditation. How you sit, the way you breath and the process when you hold a brush and paint - the practice itself it’s a meditation in motion. By doing oriental brushwork, you learn to be slow and relax, present and focused all at the same time.

Put your thinking and planning mind to rest and bring forth the depth of your consciousness, and let’s sit still and be focused. Only then will you enter the realm of the sacred practice of the oriental brush practice.


Tools & Materials

All the tools and materials for this workshop will be prepared on site, However, if you wish to have your own brush set to bring away with you for your further practice, we offer a Beginner Ink Brush Set (worth 45 euro) which includes:

  • Chinese/Japanese ink brush

  • Black ink

  • Ink container

  • Magic Writing Mat (plastic free and re usable writing mat)

Note: Please contact for the brush set availability (shipping fee may vary depending on your address).


We look forward to seeing you during the festival.



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