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"If we want peace, we have to be peace.

Peace is a PRACTICE not a hope.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh


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Ink Painting   /  Calligraphy  / Brush Strokes  /  Meditative & Conscious Presence/ 

Connect Your Mind, Heart & Brush  /  

Painting Techniques  /   Tailor Your Own Brush Journey


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Your Brush

"Mind, Heart and your Hand will come to the connection through your Brush".

Hi, I'm Yingge Xu, an ink brush artist. I believe ink painting/ calligraphy is not only an art format, but also a way to get connected with yourself, to be present and to know yourself...

"The most important thing about the event for me was to regain peace, concentration and respect for the sacred from posture to breathing. In short, a loving and conscious attitude that allows a stroke that has three moments: The landing, the journey, and the takeoff. Like life itself! It was very moving for me in many ways. Infinite thanks!"

-- Fabiola, Venezuela

"That’s what I love about your classes I feel I belong and can get lost in the art of it and not feel judged. I know I have found a space and a place I love and will love more as I progress. I feel It’s tapping into my soul so must let go of thinking …thanks for allowing this to happen for me …I really mean that Yingge"

-- Maria, Ireland

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