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  • Chinese/Japanese Ink Brush * 4

    1. Orchid Bamboo Brush (medium size; resilient bristles suitable for ink painting such as Bamboo & Orchid painting)

    2. Happy Dot (a smaller size brush suitable for painting fine details)

    3. White Cloud (small size; soft & hard hair bristles suitable for birds & flowers painting)

    4. Middle Way (large size; blend soft and hard hair bristle suitable for all purpose such as calligraphy and birds & flowers painting)


  • Chinese/Japanese Black Ink x 1
  • Ink Container x1
  • Magic Writing Mat x 1 (a mess-free reusable writing surface which makes your practice  easier and more enjoyable - saves paper too :)


  Watch video tutorial here.  


How to prepare your brush  --> Watch now

“Four Gentlemen” - Brush Painting Kit

SKU: BP002
  • * For outside Europe shipping, €20 - 30 shipping fees may apply. Alternatively, we can also assist you with local art supplier options. Please contact us for more information.

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