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Me and the Moon

"What is between you and the essence of the moon?"
"Your thoughts ..."
-- Ancient Master

Most of the time, when we look at the spectacular beauty of nature, we may (or may not) be aware that our mind is some where else - things happened yesterday or plans for tomorrow.

We may say "I am here and I am looking at the moon." But if we look deeper, we may find that we are seeing the moon through many filters, and that is our thoughts, labels and concepts about the moon.

Have you had the same experience?

I do.

So evey time, when I walk in woods or enjoy the beauty of nature, if I am aware of my thoughts, I will ask myself:

"What is between me and the sunrise / the moon/ the ocean?"

"My thoughts."

Then I regain my presence, and put aside all my old concepts, plans and even complements about the "thing" in front of me, and, just be with it.

When I can stop running away from "being", I become fully alive;

when I am alive, the moon also become alive, so alive that she is right in front of me;

so close that I could smell her fruity lights on my face;

so close, so close ... that I start to wonder ...

which is moon?

which is me?




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