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The Art of Brush Stroke and Chinese Ink Painting

A guided journey from basic calligraphy brush stroke to complete ink painting.

A guided journey from basic calligraphy brush strokes to complete ink painting

The unique quality of Zen brushwork is a result of an encounter between the artist, the subject of the work, and the medium and the format.”

Course Details

This 6-week course is based on traditional Chinese ink painting techniques and Zen philosophy. This class will start with the basic brush strokes and focus more on  finding your inner peace through the connection with your brush. 

We are delighted to have Mark Duggan from Dublin Shamblaha (Meditation) Center to join me for this course. Mark will lead the meditation during this course and assist you with any related questions you may have.

Introduce painting tools and materials, basic brush strokes and painting methods, and continue to build skills for painting plants and animals of increasing complexity. Try your hand at these historically and culturally important methods, and create some beautiful paintings of your own.

Date: June 21 - July 26 (Six Classes)

Time: 11.00am-12.30pm (Sunday mornings)

Register HERE

Ink Painting Teacher: Angelia Yingge Xu

Meditation Instruction & Co-ordination: Mark Duggan

*This course will be delivered online through Zoom.The course link will be sent out to the participants before the course starts.


Materials: This 6-week course would require basic ink painting tools such as Chinese/Japanese ink painting brush, ink and xuan paper or normal A4 paper.

If you don't have these materials or would like to get a set, we will send you more details upon registration.

There will be a live demo on this course from 11.00-12.00am June 14, Sunday. Please book your place through

** every course will start with a 5-minute sitting meditation. We would recommend settling yourself in a quiet place and wearing comfortable clothes.

If you are interested in this course or if you want to know more about the details please email us through email to:



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