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As Joy As Thy – In Person Workshop

- ink painting/sumie (Orchid) workshop, Mountshanoon Art Festival

This workshop suits both beginners and ink brush practitioners with experience.

Date: Saturday, 25th September, 2021

Time: 11.00am - 13.00pm (Irish time)

Location: Aistear Park, Mountshannon, Co. Clare

During the workshop, we will start with a silent sitting meditation and breathing exercise. Then followed by an introduction about the physical setup, including the tools we will be using and the body postures and how to hold an Oriental brush.

We will learn how to draw curved lines and leaves using centered brush strokes, and apply this stroke technique into Orchid painting. Through a close study of the structure of orchid leaves and flowers, you will practice and create your own art piece, and, hopefully, enjoy the beauty and joy flowing through your brush.


Course Schedule

11.00-13.00pm (with a break)

  • Sitting and breathing - coming back to the body

  • Tools and Materials

  • Demonstration: how to hold an oriental brush; body posture; how to load ink; breathing and connect with your brush

  • Brush exercise - draw simple lines and shapes

  • Paint & Practice - orchid

  • Share, reflect and rejoice


Support for participants

  • All tools & materials are included. Just show up with your smile and an open heart;

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Allow your arms and legs to stretch;

  • Please make sure your smartphone is turned off or in silence during the workshop

Background of Oriental Brushwork

In East Asia, brush practice (ink painting/sumie & calligraphy) have always been closely related to mindful art practice and meditation. How you sit, the way you breath and the process when you hold a brush and paint - the practice itself it’s a meditation in motion. By doing oriental brushwork, you learn to be slow and relax, present and focused all at the same time.

Put your thinking and planning mind to rest and bring forth the depth of your consciousness, and let’s sit still and be focused. Only then will you enter the realm of the sacred practice of the oriental brush practice.


Tools & Materials

All the tools and materials for this workshop will be prepared on site, However, if you wish to have your own brush set to bring away with you for your further practice, we offer a Beginner Ink Brush Set (worth 45 euro) which includes:

  • Chinese/Japanese ink brush

  • Black ink

  • Ink container

  • Magic Writing Mat (plastic free and re usable writing mat)

Note: Please contact for the brush set availability (shipping fee may vary depending on your address).


We look forward to seeing you during the festival.

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