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East Asian Art Supplies

To support your on-going ink brush practice, we are delighted to offer the relative tools and materials with careful sellections;

Please note that each of the items are special in different use of ink painting / calligraphy;

Please contact us to make sure the item you choose is available before you order

Ink Brush Set - Quick Start 2.jpg

Ink Brush Set
- Quick Start

Suitable for beginners and daily practice

This set includes all the basic set up that you need to start your ink brush practice

  •  Chinese ink brush

  •  Ink container

  •  Black ink

  •  Magic Mat (plastic free reusable practicing mat)

If you want to personalise your own ink brush set, for example a package with brush(s), ink, xuan paper, wool felt or with any other items; or you would like to know which items may suit your practice, please contact me for further information. Thank you!

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